9.22 Filming, Day 1

First interview: Diness Majhi

September 22nd. Started filming. Diness Majhi (pictured above with his son) was first to talk about his life as a waste picker. Raju Kevat (far left, above) spoke next, describing how he came to Delhi to make money because the agriculture work that had sustained the people in his village is dwindling. His wife and five children still live in the village. He spends half the year with them and half the year working as a waste picker in Delhi.

Jayada Begam.

Jayada Begam told her story next. Her children have grown and moved out of the waste picker community. None of them became waste pickers.

After Jayada, Akbar, Jahan Ara Bibi, and Bohiran each described their daily lives as waste pickers and their hopes for the future.


The final interview of the day was with Amatun, who segregates waste once it has been collected. The hardest part of her job? “Nothing is hard,” she laughed, “it is easy, I am happy.”


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