Don’t Waste Creative Minds

This is their playground.

These are their toys.

What sort of future

have these little boys?






3 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Creative Minds

  1. gooe eye as you found some of the most shocking sites in those camps!!!
    now more than ever the craft factory and creative school for these children and their moms is needed!!!
    great work

    • Hi Aunt Dionnie!
      Sorry if my parents were contacting you with their worries- I had told them I was moving and wouldn’t have Internet for awhile, but they still seem to have thought the worst when I didn’t reply to their emails for a few weeks. I have been in touch with them and now have Internet, so hopefully there won’t be future anxiety attacks. Hope everything is great with you and that you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I almost forgot about Thanksgiving- it’s still quite warm here and the trees don’t change color, so it doesn’t feel like fall at all! Plus there’s no pumpkin, or turkey, or cranberries… I ate Indian food per usual (which is fantastic, but I missed the pumpkin pie!).
      Much love,

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