Don’t Waste People Trailer

Don’t Waste People Trailer

The link to the trailer on Reelhouse. Would love any feedback!


One thought on “Don’t Waste People Trailer

  1. Hi Julia, excellent quality video as well as of course the content…. I hope and pray wishing you good luck with this documentary and may you win prizes with it!!! It will and can only help the KABAD SE JUGAD co-op progress as well if you do….

    We are trying to develop some of the same media promotional efforts as you are doing….we need some time yet…but at least we have stored some good photos of the women’s creations…and they are truly getting better and better….I’ll send you a separate message about the deeper behind the photos experiences….as a certain level of precariousness still exists of course but the ground is breaking!

    Be well Rolando

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