Why make this film? For them.

For the girls who squeal and run in front of the camera to have their pictures taken.

For the young man who pronounced himself “assistant” and insisted on carrying the camera, and for his sister who made chapati and dal with paneer for lunch.

For the woman proclaimed a “special guest” and ushered in front of the camera where she obligingly demonstrated her work, glancing up shyly ¬† in the process.

For the kindness and generosity shown to a complete stranger despite enduring overwhelming hardship. For laughter and joy found even while  pulling small plastic bags from mountains of molding onion skins, banana peels, potato shavings and tea leaves. The people are the inspiration.



With two days left, this project is officially funded!!

Thank you to everyone, including the latest backers for believing in this project. I am extremely humbled by the generous support.

The latest:

Naima Green

Monica Bohlman

Alex Sandberg-Bernard

Julia Jones

Wyatt Koch

Peggy Obrist

Sally/Gerard O’Neill

Rebecca Swiff

Anne Fahy

Karen Misfeldt


Pete Lindquist

Dionnie Storino


Gary Tartakov

Jonas Lyckeborg

John Wassberg


Olivia Kimmel

Down for the count

Four days left. Slightly less than 1,400 to go- anything helps!

Thank you to the latest backers!

Brooke Borel

Athena Kurry

Colleen Wilke

Tara Kane

Denice L. Desoto

Pathfinder Travel Inc.


Collin Jones

Melanie Friedrichs

Jean Manz

Laura Green

Keren Ness


Robyn Pekala

Joni Zander

Erin Sneller

Alia Wong

Dylan Crary

Amy Hunter

Jan Meredith

Julie Weiss

Elli Blaine

Anita Holladay

Jeanette Hardison

Jennifer Bincarowsky

Debra Goldenberg

Jiyoon Kim

Five. Days.

Five days and 1,350 to go. So close, will we make it??

Thank you to the latest who have pledged and put the project that much closer to the goal amount!!

Micah Oppenheim

Jeff Green


Victor Ahluwalia

Amanda Long

Zachary Pollack

The Yes Men


Andrea Aldana