Former NYC waste picker gives back

While working with waste pickers in Delhi the founder of the waste picker’s union, Shashi Pandit, gave me the contact information of a man in NYC who used to work as a waste picker in Manhattan and is now using his knowledge of recyclables to teach others how to create everything from jewelry to flowers out of trash. Kappo Kappino developed ‘trash worship’ to give people another perspective on discarded material, and has visited Delhi several times to learn about the work of waste pickers across the globe. Kappino is now partnering with Pandit to start a women’s coop in Delhi. Women who have worked as waste pickers their entire lives will be taught to make flowers from recyclables that they can then sell to supplement their meager incomes. ¬†More on Kappino, the coop, and the flowers that will ‘last forever’ can be found at his blog here:¬†